Create the Man of your Dreams

Sexual Spells


Casting Instructions for ‘Create the Man of your Dreams’

Take the two sheets of paper. On one, write what you want him to look like, including his age. On the other, write all of his character traits, including his likes and dislikes. Place one paper on rhe right of the clay, and one on the left. Using a pencil, etch into the clay Aphrodite’s symbol. Then say this three times

“Before the gods, I bring to life my true love, the one who I will spend life with. May you, Aphrodite bring our two souls together. Make him breathe, give him life, make him mine.”

About a week or two later, when you’re outside, walking or shopping, you’re going to meet him. He’s instantly going to fall in love with you, and you’ll probably know in your heart that he’s your soul mate.

You will need the following items for this spell:
  • Clay (Any amount of clay)
  • Two sheets of paper
  • A pencil